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Kachuful Multiplayer

Price : free
Category : Card
Language : English

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Kachuful Multiplayer - Android

Kachuful Multiplayer

The makers of India's famous Teen Patti bring to you the Kachuful Multiplayer game!
Kachuful or Kachufool, is a trick-taking card game that originated in India. It is a variation of Spades, where your judgement will be tested.
There are two types of mode in our Kachuful Multiplayer game.
1. Quick Mode The TRUMP is defined randomly from Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. TRUMP SUIT cards are considered higher than all the other suits.
2. Round Mode The game is played in rounds, with each round having a different number of cards per hand and a different trump suit.

Kachuful Multiplayer has never-before-seen features making your play super easy and much more enjoyable.
1. Real time Multiplayer
2. Extreme User Friendly.
3. Easy and refreshing interface.
4. Play your way to top the Leaderboards.
5. Hours of card game fun many variations.
6. Drag and drop to move.
7. Large & Easy to Identify cards.
8. Miscellaneous Cards animation.
9. Play with Friends on Private Table and many more..

Play this timeless classic card game Kachuful Multiplayer anytime anywhere! Download & Try now on your Android Phone for FREE!!

Any suggestions? We always love to hear from you and making this App better.